Fidele Murengezi is a Brand Architect helping Creative Entrepreuneurs fix their positioning and lead generation strategy.
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Fidele Murengezi is a Brand Architect helping Creative Entrepreuneurs fix their positioning and lead generation strategy.

Empathy: the importance of being there.

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FMRGZ – Empathy - The importance of being there by FMRGZ - Photograph by Joshua Kissi

Visual by Joshua Kissi

Over the years, I noticed something common to all independent artists that I met. They lack people around them with genuine empathy.

At some point, they all needed someone who concretely believed in the project. What do I mean by “concretely“? Let me explain.

We all know people that say to believe in our vision but they don’t. No matter the reason why don’t, they just don’t.

This is our people though. Our family, friends, lovers. They love us but they don’t really understand every aspect of the process. They can’t. That’s not the path that they choose. This is your journey.

This is the path that I choose. I just took a different line than you.

Coaching is essential

As a manager, advisor, or consultant, I knew that most of the time, my real job will be to coach the artists. You can’t really count the hours. You can’t really make a plan for the next months and follow it. And it is always deeper than just ‘work’. It’s about life and the complexity of it. Trying to find coherence to hit the target.

I needed to be there. Reachable. I was there. Brainstorming. Thinking about how to solve any kind of problem or situation.

The ‘how’ is important, yes but if no soul is ready to take action, nothing will happen. Being ready, ask the right questions, and take action are habits that need practice.


Creatives: don’t ignore the necessity to surround yourself with professionals that believe in you and your project not just because you’re paying them well but because they understand your situation and what you’re trying to do. Then, they can help by sharing expertise and efficient problem-solving capability.

Don’t forget the most important point though: you need to believe in yourself and your project first. Nobody and no money will make you change your mind if you believe that you’re already a dead end.

Managers, advisors, consultants: don’t ignore the power of empathy. What your client is asking you and expecting from you is & empathy. They (might) know more than you think AND they will ask you for stuff that you never thought they will need to know about. It’s a relationship that you have to nurture. Don’t let them disrespect you or pay you less of what you deserve. Relax, be honest, and talk the truth. You’re paid for that.

Take care 🌹

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